The SmartBox

Wi-Fi Group Guiding

The SmartBox is a portable Wi-Fi device for guided tours. Guests can connect to their guide through the smarthpone to receive low-latency audio streams.


What are the benefits of the SmartBox?

Multiple functions in one system. 

Bring Your Own Device

Guests can use their own smartphone as an audio receiver

No Use of Mobile Data

No roaming costs for your guests

Clear Audio Quality

Low latency audio streaming

Reduced Costs

No charging and no cleaning as with conventional radio systems

Pre-Recorded Content Streaming

Allows you to stream simultaneously "Live" and pre-recorded audios in mutliple languages

Browser Streaming

No App - No Problem. Guests can also receive the audio via the smartphone browser. 

How it works

3 easy steps to connect


Download the Receiver App

Download the Application from the App Store or Google Play Store and open the app.


Join the Wi-Fi Stream

Choose your Guide in the Wi-Fi list of your smartphone


Enjoy the Tour!

Now the audiostream starts automatically

Alternatively: Use your Browser

Use the smartphone browser if you don't want to download the app


Your Audio Receiver

The GetYourStream App

All you need to join a tour is your smartphone and our lightweight receiver app.

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  • Pre-Recorded Content Streaming
  • Browser Streaming 
  • Internet Streaming
  • Usage Tracking


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